How does editing Topics affect available data?

This feature is only available for Social Listening customers.

You can edit Social Listening Topics at any point after building them. Editing a Topic will either update the existing Topic or create a new one, depending on the edits made.

Edits that Update a Topic

When using Social Listening, you can change the title or description of an existing Topic in the Query Builder. Doing so will simply update the existing Topic and not affect the historical or new data that the Topic collects. The updated Topic will save immediately after you select Save Changes.


You can also edit a Topic in the Query Builder by adding excluded keywords. Doing so will also update your existing Topic. In this case, the Topic takes some time to update in the Insights view because Sprout has to reprocess historical data to reflect the new excluded keyword or keywords that you have added. You will be shown a confirmation modal when clicking Save Changes that lets you know approximately how long it will take for the Insights view to reflect the change.


Edits that Create a New Topic

If you make any edits other than the two described above, a new Topic will be created. These edits can include updating channel selection, adding or editing an included keyword, removing or editing an excluded keyword or adding an optional filter. Selecting Save Changes in any of these edit scenarios will show you a confirmation modal that lets you know a new Topic is about to be created and asks whether you want to delete or archive the old Topic. Once you select Delete or Archive the new Topic will be created.


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