Bot Builder Settings

You can use the Settings tab in the Bot Builder to manage your chatbot’s name, description, auto-completion of messages and other settings.


Enable Typing Indicators

With this switch turned on, typing indicators will appear before chatbot messages are sent. This will give the end-user an experience that mimics chatting with a person.


Ad Plugins for Chatbots

You can promote chatbot experiences created in Sprout on Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads or Twitter Direct Message Card ads. Using an ad ID string generated in Sprout, you can easily plug your chatbot workflow into an ad on each network.

Click Copy ID under Welcome Message ID for Twitter or Bot Payload for Facebook.



Next, paste the ID into the appropriate field during the ad creation process for each network.

You can learn more about where to paste this ID for Twitter by reading the article, Create a Direct Message Card. For more details about this process in Facebook read the article, Ads that Click to Messenger.

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