Keyword Commands in Bot Builder

Keyword Commands broaden the coverage of your chatbots in Sprout Social. These commands enable your chatbots to respond to unique words and phrases.

Creating a Keyword Command

To create a Keyword Command:

  1. Click Keyword_Command_Icon.png in the right-hand toolbar > Add a Keyword Command.
  2. Enter a title in the Title box. For example, Restart.
  3. Enter the words and/or phrases you want your chatbot to respond to. You can add multiple keywords or phrases by separating them with commas or using Tab. Remember, your user has to type exactly what you enter. So, if you think a user might enter drink or drinks, enter both words.
  4. Click a custom message to enter a custom chatbot response or click an existing message to direct the user to a message already on your Conversation Map.Custom_Message.png
  5. (Optional) Add a Call-to-Action button.
  6. Click Save in the Edit Message modal. Click Save one more time in the Add Keyword Command modal to save your work.

Keyword Commands FAQs

Will the Keyword Command initiate if a message from the end-user doesn't match exactly?
No. This feature works by exact matching only. For example, “speak to an agent right now” doesn't work for the Keyword Command “speak to an agent”.

What are some best practices for creating Keyword Commands?
Add multiple variations of the same keyword; account for common spelling errors; reference your Bots Report to see the top unique phrases that users are submitting

Will Keyword Commands appear anywhere else on the Conversation Map?
No, only under the Key icon in the expandable right-hand toolbar of the Conversation Map.

How can I test a Keyword Command? Can I test in the Live Previewer?
The only way to test Keyword Commands is when the bot is live; you can't test in the previewer.

How many keywords can be assigned to a message?

Are Keyword Commands case sensitive?

Is there AI built in?
No, this feature is rules-based.

Will this be accounted for in the Bots Report?
Yes, in the Sent & Received messages count; not in frequently received user inputs.

Can you auto-complete these messages?

Can you auto-tag these messages?
No. This is only applied to received messages on Quick Replies.

Can I set up Keyword Commands for emojis, punctuation and numbers?

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