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Find Content in Sprout Social surfaces timely, engaging content currently being shared across various social media platforms and makes it simple to share with your audience with no additional setup.

#SproutTip: Find Content is a great way to fill out your Sprout Queue, so you can maintain an active presence on your social channels with engaging posts your audience will love.

To start finding content:

  1. Navigate to Publishing > Find Content.
  2. Filter your view by Date Range and Content Categories by selecting from the respective drop downs.
    • Content Categories house sub-categories you can select.
  3. Sort your content feed by selecting one of the sort option from the upper-right corner:
    • Most Relevant
    • Most Popular
    • Most Recent

Each post that appears in the feed contains information about the source, an article summary, a link to the full article and metrics around how many times the post was shared (and on which networks).


When you find a story you want to share, click Send to Compose and Compose opens with the link pre-populated in the text box.

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