Message Spike Alerts

Message Spike Alerts are notifications that alert you to an influx of incoming messages in your Smart Inbox. These will help you stay on top of urgent messages and let you know when you should pay closer attention to what people are saying to or about your brand. This feature is available on the Advanced plan.

This article will teach you how to configure and use Message Spike Alerts.


Message Spike Alerts will send email or mobile push notifications when incoming messages exceed the maximum hourly average, based on sensitivity that you can configure.

They will take into account increased inbound message activity for the profiles included in an Inbox View, even Brand Keywords!

Configuring Alerts

You can configure alerts after you create an Inbox View. 

From your Inbox View, enable Spike Detecting by clicking on the Real-Time Activity Chart at the top of the screen, and then click Configure.


Alternatively, you can configure Message Spike Alerts by navigating Account & Settings > Settings > Inbox Settings > Spike Detection.


Tip: Each Inbox View can have their own Message Spike settings, so feel free to adjust each based on how frequently you want to be notified of increased activity for those views.

When configuring Spike Detection, you can choose which team members get notified each time Sprout detects a spike. These can be specific users, or you can click Add everyone shared in this Inbox View to notify anyone who has access to the selected Inbox View.


When a spike is detected, an email will be sent to each included user.

Note: Mobile push notifications for Message Spike Alerts can be configured individually in the Sprout mobile app.

Alert Sensitivity

The Alert Sensitivity section allows you to see how frequently Sprout will notify you and your team members of spikes. You will see the Max Hourly Message Volume over the time period you select for your inbound message activity.

Note: Sprout continuously analyzes your average message volume. How frequently you're notified can change as your average message volume changes.

Use the slider in this section to fine-tune alert frequency. As you adjust the slider, pink bars help you identify how many message spike notifications you would have received over the time period you select, based on the Max Hourly Message Volume.


Lower sensitivity generates fewer notifications; higher sensitivity generates more. This can be changed at any time.

To finish this configuration, click Save.

Viewing Notifications

Once a spike is detected, Sprout will notify all of the team members included in the Spike Detection configuration.

Go to your Smart Inbox to see the Inbox View that is experiencing the spike, identified by the pink Message Spike icon.


When you're in the Inbox View where the spike is occurring, you can see how long ago the spike began. You can also Adjust or Dismiss the notification from there.

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