As you work your way through messages in the Smart Inbox, you might come across a question or piece of feedback that may be better suited for someone else. In that instance, you can delegate the message to a specific team member by clicking Pushpin_Icon.png to assign a task.


Begin by selecting a Task Type. You may designate it as a General Task, Sales Lead or Support Issue.

Additionally, users on Professional and Advanced plans may connect Support Issues to helpdesk tickets from this view. Read more about Sprout's helpdesk integration here.

Select Mark High Priority to add an extra visual indicator that can be seen within the Tasks section. You can also leave internal comments as a way to add information that may be pertinent to the message resolution.

Tasks may be assigned to any team member on your Sprout Social account, unless cross-group assignments have been disabled in Business Settings.

The list of available assignees is sorted alphabetically by first name and online status. Once a team member is assigned a task, they will receive an email and Notifications Drawer alert. Only one person at a time can be assigned a task.

Optionally, choose to Mark Message as Complete, which will affect Inbox visibility without removing the message from the assignees’ Open Tasks.

Click Save & Exit to finish assigning the task.

Managing Tasks

If you have been assigned a task, you can see it in the Tasks section. Tasks are sorted by most recent activity first.


Tasks with blue dots beside them are unread, and the Task Type is displayed as an icon. To the right of that icon, the subject line of each task displays the last action taken. Any items marked as high priority are highlighted by a red bar.

Click on a task to view details.


Task details enable you to view any and all internal comments associated with the message in view. You can easily reassign the task to another team member by selecting them from the list on the right side of the screen. The new assignee will see all comments and events in the Task Activity section. After you’ve taken the appropriate action, you may select the Close Task checkbox before you Save & Exit to close the task.

Note: Account Owners and users with the Manage profiles and permissions privilege enabled will also see the option to delete a task. Tasks should only be deleted in the event a message has been assigned in error, as the associated audit trail will be removed upon deletion. Deleted tasks are irretrievable.

Tasks that have been closed may be accessed from the Closed Tasks section in the left navigation bar. Deselecting the Close Task checkbox reopens the task and places it in the Open Tasks section.

Users who do not have the Manage profiles and permissions privilege enabled will see a left navigation bar section called Assigned By Me. Selecting this displays all tasks assigned to others by the individual.

Account Owners and users with the Manage profiles and permissions privilege enabled will see a left navigation bar section called All Tasks (Across Team). Selecting this displays all tasks assigned across the team, giving you oversight into your team’s task activities.

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