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New to Sprout Social? Learn more about our Sprout Queue, ViralPost and Optional Send Times here.

The Sprout Queue is a quick and easy way to add multiple posts for your profiles and have them published automatically throughout the day. Used as a complement to your existing publishing strategy, the Queue can help you streamline the distribution of content that isn't time-sensitive.

#SproutTip: The Sprout Queue is great for evergreen blog posts, tips about your product, pictures of kittens, etc.

This article explains how to configure and use the Sprout Queue, as well as give you a thorough understanding of how ViralPost works, so you can use it to maximize the potential velocity of the content you send across your social profiles.

There are two options when it comes to content management within the Sprout Queue. To configure your Sprout Queue, navigate Account and settings > Settings > Sprout Queue.


Here, you can see all your connected social profiles and how each are currently configured in the Sprout Queue.

Queue Configuration

You can manually configure profile Queues one at a time or edit Queue Settings in bulk. To get started, select one or more profile checkboxes and click Edit (or Edit Multiple if you selected more than one profile).


Here, you will be able to set designated content release times or choose a profile with Queue Settings as a starting point. You can configure the Sprout Queue to distribute content by weekdays/weekends, or by specifying how frequently it should publish each individual day of the week. Select this by clicking the dropdown in the upper-right corner.


To add a new post time, click Add Another. You can add up to 10 post times per day.


Sprout's patented ViralPost technology takes the guesswork out of scheduling for you. Instead of manually configuring the Sprout Queue, simply enable ViralPost in the Configure Queue Settings screen.


Similar to manual Sprout Queue configuration, ViralPost can release content up to 10 times per profile, per day. Simply specify a timeframe, down to the minute, for weekdays and/or weekends or each individual day, and click Save.

ViralPost looks at your most active, influential followers on Twitter and their periods of authentic engagement, especially with you. It constantly reanalyzes and reevaluates behavior once per week, evolving as your Twitter audience changes.

Note: Though ViralPost learns from Twitter specifically, you may also enable the feature for any profile, regardless of network. For networks other than Twitter, ViralPost uses global optimal send times to determine content release. Additionally, ViralPost does not take manually scheduled messages into account when determining optimal send times. Please keep this in mind when manually scheduling content. View your Sprout Queue in the Publishing tab to verify which times your queued messages are set to publish.

Pausing the Queue

In the event that something occurs in the world that takes precedence over social content, you can pause all of your Queues.

To pause an individual Queue, click the Edit button that corresponds with that profile.

In the following screen, toggle Sprout Queue Status to Off.


To pause content across all profiles, click Pause All at the upper right of the Sprout Queue home screen.

Any content in your Sprout Queue will remain until the Queue is Active, at which point, the Queue will determine new publishing times for all posts.

Disabling the Queue

To disable the Sprout Queue, click Disable Sprout Queue at the top of the Queue settings page.

Disabling the Sprout Queue will delete all messages currently queued, remove it as an option when composing messages and remove it from the left navigation bar of the Publishing tab.

Adding a Post to the Sprout Queue

After composing your message, click on the content management dropdown menu and select Sprout Queue.


Queue Next adds your post to the top of the Queue. Queue Last adds it to the end. You can have up to 50 posts queued per profile at a time.

Managing Queued Content

To manage content in the Sprout Queue, navigate Publishing > Sprout Queue.


The right panel displays your Queue Profiles and includes the number of posts currently queued.

After selecting a profile, its Queue Settings will display beneath. Manually configured Queues will show designated content release times. Queues utilizing ViralPost will show the designated content release timeframe. Send times chosen by ViralPost will display at the bottom of each message.

Management options for queued posts appear along the bottom of each message.


It is also possible to drag and drop messages to arrange them in the preferred order.


If you're not quite ready to queue a message, and would like to save your message for later editing, continue on to explore Drafts

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