Can I merge my existing Sprout account into another account?

To merge your existing account with a new account or different account, you must work with your Customer Success Manager or our Support team.

If you need to merge your existing account to another account because, for example, you're a smaller company looking to move into your parent company account or you're a parent company who has acquired another company with an account at Sprout Social, you may do so by working with your Customer Success Manager or our Support team.  With this migration, there are some things to keep in mind.

First, you must connect the existing profile to the new account before removing it from the old account so that we may retain some of your data.

With that said, some of the data will not transfer between a current account and a new account. You will need to rebuild this in your new account.

What will and will not be transferred?

  • Scheduled Content and previously Sent Posts: will not transfer
  • Inbox/Sent Messages: same data backfill as new profile connection
  • Reporting Data: will transfer if new profiles are connected to new account prior to removing from old account
  • Tags & Applied Message Tags: will not transfer
  • Team Report Data: will transfer if both the profile and user are transferred. The same user email address must be used. Here are two links to help with this process - Organize User and Social Profiles and Connecting & Managing Social Profiles.
  • Settings: will not transfer

What can I do to prepare for the migration?

Below is a checklist of what needs to be recreated to make sure your account is fully set up:

  • Settings

    • Account Settings

      • Groups & User Settings/Permissions

    • Global Features

      • Tags

      • Approval Workflows

      • Notification Preferences

    • Inbox Settings

      • Automated Rules

      • Spike Detection

      • VIP Lists

    • Publishing

      • URL Tracking

      • Sprout Queue

    • Reporting Settings

      • Business Hours (If Applicable)

      • Scheduled Delivery (of Reports)

  • Smart Inbox

    • Inbox Views

    • Contact History Notes and CRM Fields

      • Cannot be recreated/reset up. This should be noted outside of Sprout if needed.

    • Task History

      • Cannot be recreated/reset up. This should be noted outside of Sprout if needed.

  • Feeds

    • RSS Reader: Feedly Accounts Connected

  • Publishing

    • Scheduled Posts

      • These will need to be manually rescheduled in the new account, as you cannot export/transfer those over.

    • Calendar Notes

  • Listening

    • Listening Topics

  • Reports

    • Competitor Reports

    • Tag Report

      • Set a cutoff date so you don’t have to go and back-tag the messages in the new account. When you connect the profiles to the new account, we’re going to pull in those historic messages, but we won’t apply any tags. So if you were pulling tag reports on those messages, you either A) have to add the tags again, or B) leave them untagged but get the tag reporting in the old account

  • Bots

    • Chatbots

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