How do I use the Conversation Breakdown widget in Social Listening?

  • This feature is only available for Social Listening customers.
  • Users must have View Topic permission to view Conversation Breakdowns.

The Conversation Breakdown widget helps you better visualize the top smart categories, keywords, hashtags, mentions, and emojis found in your Topic alongside each item’s sentiment. You can display your data by either volume or engagement. 

The Conversation Breakdown widget is available in the Conversation tab of all Listening Topics except Competitor Topics.

How it works

The Conversation Breakdown widget is found in non-competitive Topics in the Conversation tab between the Analyze by AI Assist widget and Word Cloud widget.

The results are divided into pages with 10 entries viewable per page with a maximum of 100 entries. Each entry’s sentiment breaks down into Positive, Neutral and Negative sentiment.  

In the Conversation Breakdown you can:

  • Select the types of Smart Categories, keywords, hashtags, emojis, mentions, and query keywords you want to include using the dropdown filters
  • Break down entries by Volume or Engagements.
  • Hover over a word or phrase to learn more about what type of Smart Category/Word Type it is
  • View an entry’s sentiment breakdown

You can also click on an entry for more options:

  • View messages with the word type/Smart Category with the Message Explorer
  • Include the word type/Smart Category as a keyword filter for the entire topic 
  • Exclude the word type/Smart Category as a keyword filter for the entire topic 
  • Open compose and start a post with the word type/Smart Category

Some rows may have a New badge, which indicates that the word type/Smart Category is new within the current period. The comparison period must be turned on to see any New badges on the rows.


Why isn’t this showing up in my Competitor Topic? 

Conversation Breakdown for Competitor Topics is not currently available.

How does Sprout determine whether a term is positive or negative?

Sprout calculates a term’s sentiment using the same Net Sentiment calculation we use elsewhere in Listening.

What are the data requirements for insights to be displayed?

To use this widget, the total volume must be within 5 million messages for both the current reporting period and the previous comparison period.

What languages are supported?

The Conversation Breakdown is translated into supported app languages. The entries themselves will appear in whatever language they are in the topic.

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