What's the difference between an Account Owner and Super Admin?

Account Owners and Super Admins in Sprout may feel similar but there are some key differences to be aware of. This article highlights the main differences between the two roles so you can make an informed decision of who needs what type of role and access in your Sprout account.

Note: The Super Admin role is only available on the Advanced Plan.

Feature Permission Account Owner Super Admin
See all Groups/Profiles
Assign/Revoke the Super Admin Role ✅, but the first Super Admin for an account has to get created by the Account Owner
Assign Billing Permission
Assign Manage SSO Permission
Export Permissions from Roles & Team Members page
Update Business Name
Enable Cross-Group assignment for Cases
Update Facebook Page Name Display settings
Enable OpenAI integration
Enforce/revoke customer-wide two step authentication
Can view or update Asset Library settings
Create, edit, delete or rename any Asset
Enable Slack integration
Access to Link Sharing Settings
Enable or disable Link Sharing
Update Link Sharing options
Set Group or scoped configuration sharing
Enable Suggested Replies
Can access API Tokens settings
Can create or delete API Tokens
Can access Referral Program Page  ✅
Onboarding checklists in the dashboard  ✅
Publish, schedule and edit all messages  ✅
Viewing shared links  ✅

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