How can I leverage My Reports to elevate my analytics and reporting?

My Reports is Sprout's enhanced version of the Custom Report Builder that unlocks even more data visualizations, filtering and widgets so you can build compelling stories and drive data-driven conclusions.

While My Reports and Custom Report Builder both concurrently exist, as a best practice, Sprout recommends to start moving over to My Reports to enhance your reporting and to get more comfortable with the tool as Custom Report Builder will be sunset.

What are the benefits?

My Reports provides the right tools and combinations of data sets, plus visualizations, to help you create reports that lead to clear understandings of ROI, impact and what is most important to your business.

In My Reports you can:

  • Create a customizable report that updates and autosaves as you work
  • Choose the right permissions scope, whether private or Group access
  • Add widgets by data type, and then network
  • Use drag and drop to rearrange widgets so the most important show first
  • Use widget-level filters rather than report-level filters which makes side-by-side analysis a breeze

What's changing?

Now that you know how to leverage My Reports and what widgets to include, let's see how to quickly get started with My Reports and some key differences between Custom Report Builder and My Reports.


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