How do I Publish to Threads in Sprout?

Reach your target audiences effectively with Sprout’s Threads integration. This integration enables you to generate organic brand awareness and ensure that your brand gets discovered by new audiences on Threads. 

Rather watch a video? Check out the tutorial: How do I Publish to Threads in Sprout Social?

Before getting started with Threads, ensure you have the following permissions:

  • Manage Profile Permissions to connect a Threads profile
  • Publishing permissions to the Threads profile

This article contains the following sections:

How do I connect my Threads profile?

To connect your Threads profile:

  1. Navigate to  Account and settings > Connect a Profile. Or you can connect by a profile by clicking + Connect a profile from Groups & Social Profiles in Settings.
  2. Select the Group the profile belongs to from the In Group dropdown.
  3. Click Connect for Threads.
  4. Click Go to Threads in Step 1.
  5. Follow the prompts to authorize your Threads profile and connect it to Sprout.

How do I publish posts to my Threads profile?

To publish to your Threads profile:

  1. Click Compose compose-pencil-icon.png.
  2. Select your Threads profile from the Profile Picker.
  3. Craft your post with images or video and any other additional details you want to include like emojis and text. Make sure to mention people in your post by typing @ followed by their profile name.
  4. (Optional) Select any Approval Workflows if necessary.
  5. (Optional) Add the appropriate Tags and Campaign tags to the post.
  6. Select a date and time to publish.
  7. Click Schedule, Submit or Send depending on when you’re publishing the post.

After your posts are scheduled or sent, you can view them on the Publishing Calendar. Navigate to the Calendar and select your Threads profiles from the Profiles dropdown. In the List, Week or Month view, your scheduled and sent posts appear.

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