How do I set my status in Sprout?

If you're part of a care team or are responsible for working on Cases in Sprout, you can manually set your status as either Available or Unavailable from Account Settings.

By selecting a User Status, you can ensure that Case routing happens in real-time and that Cases are assigned to Sprout users who are available to accept new work. 

Your User Status appears throughout Sprout and in key areas like during Case assignment, the User Teams dropdown menus and Conversation details.

To update your status:

  1. Navigate to Account and settings.
  2. Select the dropdown under your name.
  3. Choose Available or Unavailable.

If you set your status to Unavailable, you need to manually update it back to Available when you can start accepting new Cases. If you set your status to Unavailable and aren't active in Sprout for at least 30 minutes, your status updates to Offline. When you return to Sprout, your status is automatically reset to Available.

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