About Asset Library Security

Protecting your data is our priority at Sprout Social. With multiple levels of security and encryption used to back up and protect your files, you can feel at ease that your assets are secure. Our engineering team uses highly secure processes and tools designed to meet your security requirements and our infrastructure is designed to protect your assets from unauthorized access.

With easily configured permissions, your assets will be hidden from other users in Sprout unless that user is explicitly granted access by the Account Owner or another user with the permission to do so. Sprout utilizes both policy measures (clearly detailed in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service) as well as security controls to prohibit our employees from accessing your files except for very specific circumstances, such as providing technical support or when legally required to do so.

Asset Library Data Durability and Reliability

Sprout is hosted on Amazon AWS, and the actual brand assets are all hosted on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3), which are trusted by companies around the world and renowned for using the highest possible security measures.

Amazon’s S3 storage is designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. Your assets are redundantly stored to multiple physical facilities and on multiple devices within each facility. Data could be lost in two physical facilities due to hard disk failures without the asset actually being lost. 

A substantial amount of issues would need to occur simultaneously across many data centers and hard drives for a file to disappeara very unlikely event. Statistically, S3 is designed for 99.999999999% durability, meaning a 1 in 100 billion chance of any file being lost over the course of a year. S3 is also designed for 99.99% availability, which means there could be up to 53 minutes out of the year, that data is unavailable — not lost, just offline temporarily.

Advanced Security Information

  • Sprout Social uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption.
  • Assets are only viewable by users that have permission to view the assets.
  • All signed URLs linked to assets expire after a specified time limit and will last no longer than 1 day.
  • Sprout Social is regularly tested for security vulnerabilities and hardened to enhance security and protect against attacks.
  • Access to all Sprout Social servers is restricted to members of our engineering team and outside access is not allowed.

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