How do I use Preferred Reply Profiles?

Preferred Reply Profiles in Sprout is a great way to maintain brand consistency in your care replies to customers. Care Admins can configure a default Reply Profile for X and Facebook accounts so that all message responses come from a single, dedicated profile.


For example, let's say you're setting up Preferred Reply Profiles for Sprout Coffee Co. You have the following Sprout Coffee Co. profiles in Sprout:

  • Sprout Coffee Co. Corporate
  • Sprout Coffee Co. Lattes
  • Sprout Coffee Co. Cappuccinos
  • Sprout Coffee Co. Americanos
  • Sprout Coffee Co. Help

In order to keep brand consistency, your Care team has decided that all messages received in Sprout from the Smart Inbox or Cases are all replied to from the Sprout Coffee Co. Help profile. Rather than your Care agents selecting Sprout Coffee Co. Help from the profile picker every time they send a reply, you can configure a Preferred Reply Profile so this automatically happens. 

This way, any messages that come from your Corporate, Lattes, Cappuccinos or Americanos profiles all receive a response from your Help profile. 

How do I configure Preferred Reply Profiles?

To enable this setting across your Sprout Groups, you must have the Manage Advanced Inbox Features permission. Once you have that permission:

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
  2. Click Inbox Settings under the Inbox and Reviews section.
  3. Toggle Enable Preferred replies to on in the Reply section.
  4. Click Configure. The Manage Preferred Reply Profiles popup appears.
    Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 10.39.10 AM.png
  5. Select your Scope options. The Scope is the areas of the Sprout app where replies can be sent from. Choose from:
    • Smart Inbox
    • Cases
    • Salesforce Service Cloud cases
  6. Choose the Reply from profile in the Reply Profiles section. The Reply from profile is automatically selected when care agents respond to comments and messages received by the originating profiles.
  7. Choose the Originating Profiles. 
  8. (Optional) Add another reply profile and originating profiles.
  9. Click Save.

What does the Care Team experience look like?

Once your Preferred Reply Profiles are set, your Care Agents see a yellow banner when they're replying to messages in the Smart Inbox, Cases or Salesforce Service Cloud cases letting them know they're responding from a preferred profile.

Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 10.43.48 AM.png

All other Reply Approval workflows still apply and your Care Agents won't need to worry if they're replying from the correct profile or remember to select it.


Is this an account-wide setting?

Yes. When you enable Preferred Reply Profiles the relationships you establish in your Inbox Settings apply to all Groups in Sprout where those profiles exist.

Why do extra mentions appear when I try to switch to a different profile to reply to an X profile?

When a reply profile is switched, the originating profile is added as an extra mention.

What happens if I'm unable to respond from the preferred profile?

Sometimes, the Preferred Reply Profile can't respond due to profile permissions or network limitations. In these instances, Care Agents can switch the Reply Profile. By default, the profile selected will either be:

  • The last profile they replied from if they enabled the Remember Last Profile personal setting
  • The originating profile - the profile the message was directed to
  • Another profile in the event that the previous profiles are all blocked from replying

What if I don't want to respond to a message from the Preferred Reply Profile?

Care Agents can still switch the reply profile if the message warrants it.




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