Message Tagging

Tagging in Sprout Social enables teams on the Professional and Advanced plans to group and categorize messages to match their workflow, business objectives and marketing strategies.

This guide will cover managing permissions around tagging, and how to apply tags to inbound and outbound messages.


Managing Tags
Assigning Tags to Messages
Tags in the Publishing Calendar
Tags in the Post Performance Report


Define who on your team has the ability to create and manage tags, as well as who can add tags to messages.

Message Tagging introduces two permissions for users that can be applied when inviting them, or by navigating Account and Settings > Settings Users & Social Profiles

Users with the Create & Edit Tags company permission can add new tags and manage existing ones. This includes renaming, archiving or unarchiving existing tags and including tags in specific groups.

Users with the Tag Messages company permission can apply tags to messages in the Smart Inbox.


Additionally, any user with Needs Approval, Can Reply or Full Publishing permission for a profile will be able to apply tags to outbound messages from the Compose window.

Managing Tags

Users with the Create & Edit Tags company permission have a simple interface for creating and managing tags. Access this from the Settings menu by selecting Tagging.

In this screen, filter tags by searching for a specific tag name, or by selecting a specific group from the dropdown list.

Click Add New Tag to create a new tag. From here, name the tag and choose the groups in which it will be available.


Click on an individual tag to edit its name or group assignment, archive or delete it.


Archived tags cannot be applied to messages, but can be unarchived at any time and used again as normal.

Note: Archived tags are not deleted and will remain applied to any messages to which they were assigned. Deleting a tag will completely remove it from your account, and no record will remain of it within Sprout Social.

A maximum of 500 tags per Sprout Social account can be active or archived at any time.

Assigning Tags to Messages

Smart Inbox

Tags can be assigned to messages in the Smart Inbox by users with the Tag Messages permission. Any message, inbound or outbound, can have up to 20 tags applied.

To apply a tag, click the tag icon. Search for the tag name or simply select it from the list. Additionally, any users with the Create & Edit Tags permission can create a new tag by typing in a name in the search field and clicking Create Tag.



The right panel allows you to filter by individual or multiple tags.

Toggle a tag on or off at any time to show or hide it from the Smart Inbox.


Clicking Match all selected will change all selected filters from OR logic to AND logic. By selecting Match all selected your filter will find messages that contain all selected tags.

Additionally, select (No Tags Applied) at the bottom of the Tags section to only see messages that have no tags applied to them.


Users with Needs Approval, Can Reply or Full Publishing permissions can apply tags to messages as they are being composed. Click the tag icon to choose up to 20 tags from the list. Just like applying tags in the Smart Inbox, users with the Create & Edit Tags company permission can also create tags simply by typing in the name and clicking Create Tag.


Tags in the Publishing Calendar

You can filter by tags to easily locate your scheduled posts in the Publishing Calendar.


Tags in the Post Performance Report

Tags applied to a composed message will appear in the Post Performance Report. Any message with at least one tag will display the tag icon. Hover over the icon to see which tags were applied to the message.

Post_Performance_Report_Tagging.pngThe CSV export for this report will also show applied tags, making it easy to export and filter this data in a spreadsheet program.

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