New Message Indicator

The New Message Indicator allows you to see when you have new messages in other Groups and quickly preview other inboxes without switching Groups.

As new messages arrive in your groups, the arrow on the Group Picker in the upper-right corner of the application will be highlighted with a green dot.


Click on the Group Picker, and the dropdown menu will display green dots next to any group that has new messages to view.


Hovering over any group will display a preview pane of the most recent messages you've received in the past 14 days. You can scroll in this panel to view up to 12 recent messages.

Note: Messages displayed are read only and based on the filter settings you currently have applied for the selected group's Smart Inbox.

From this window, you can click clear to reset the new message notification for that particular group.

Note: This action will not mark the messages as complete in the Smart Inbox.

Click view all to be instantly taken to that group's Smart Inbox.

Completion status is displayed on the individual messages. Depending on your Smart Inbox filter settings, messages that are shown as complete in the new message preview window may be hidden in the Smart Inbox.


Will clicking “clear” also clear the new message notifications for other users in this group?

No. This is an individual setting and will not impact your team.

Can I complete, task, or reply to messages from the preview pane?

No. The indicators are read-only and notify you at a glance if you or another team member has already completed a message. To complete a message, go to the Smart Inbox for that group.

Why don’t I see the new message indicator dot?

The new message indicator is active for any user on a Sprout account that is a part of 2 to 20 groups. If you are a part of 21 or more groups, you will not see a new message indicator dot. However, message previews will still be shown in the group picker.

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