How do I use Automated Feed Publishing on the Professional and Advanced Plans?

This article applies to Professional, Advanced and Enterprise Plans ONLY.

Originally, you could add up to five RSS feeds, regardless if they were paused or not, and had limited options when it came to choosing your posting settings. Now, you can manage your RSS Feeds directly in your Sprout settings with more granularity and control so you share only the most relevant content to your X, Facebook Business and LinkedIn Business profiles.

What if I currently have Feeds set up?

If you currently use Post via RSS and have feeds set up, your existing feeds will populate in the Settings section under Automated Feed Publishing. From there, you can assign a name to your existing feeds and edit.

You can create up to 30 RSS or Atom feeds per Group to publish from. It’s important to note that if you append any text to the start or end of an RSS post, and the post goes past the character limit, the extra characters are replaced with an ellipsis. 

How do I create a new RSS Feed?

To create a new RSS Feed in Sprout:

  1. Navigate to your name in the lower left corner > Settings.
  2. Click Automated Feed Publishing under Publishing in the left navigation.
    • Note: You must have Publishing permission for the Twitter profiles you want to share to, along with the Feeds feature permission.
  3. Click +Add RSS Feed. The Add RSS Feed popup appears.
  4. Enter a descriptive Feed Name.
  5. Set the following Source options:
    • RSS Feed URL - copy and paste the URL of the RSS Feed you want to use.
    • Check for new items - select how often you’d like Sprout to check for new items. Choose from:
      • Every 5 minutes
      • Every 15 minutes
      • Every 30 minutes
      • Every hour
      • Every 4 hours
      • Every 8 hours
      • Every 12 hours
      • Every 24 hours
    • Max new items retrieved per check - select how many new items you want to retrieve in each check. Choose from 1-5 items. If you want to pull everything from a source, select the smallest granularity (5 minutes for new items) and the highest max items (5). 
      • Note: If you’re pulling items frequently, note that Sprout posts these items using logic to make the posting appear organic. When more than 1 item retrieved is selected, the check for new posts frequency time is converted to minutes and that is used to schedule out the posts. For example, if 5 is the selected number of posts to retrieve using a 15 minute frequency, the posts are spaced out every 3 minutes in the order they were added to the feed.
  6. Set the following Destination options:
    • Choose a publishing action - select the publishing action you want to take when Sprout locates new items in the RSS Feed. Choose from:
      • Publish posts immediately
      • Create scheduled posts
      • Create Drafts
      • (Optional) If you choose to create scheduled posts or Drafts, you must also specify when posts are scheduled or if you want to create Drafts for a specific time.
    • Choose a profile - select one of your connected Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.
  7. (Optional) Set the following Post Formatting options:
    • Add text to start of post - enter any text you want to appear at the beginning of an RSS post.
    • Add text to end of post - enter any text you want to appear at the end of an RSS post.
  8. (Optional) Set the following Sprout options:
    • Attribute posts to - select a user from the dropdown if you want RSS posts to show as attributed to a specific Sprout user.
    • Labels  - apply any Label tags to the RSS posts.
    • Campaigns - apply any associated Campaign tags to the RSS posts.
  9. Click Save and activate.

How can I edit, duplicate or delete an RSS Feed?

To edit, duplicate or delete an RSS Feed:

  1. Expand the Actions menu by clicking the three dot icon in the actions column.
  2. Click Edit to open the RSS Feed popup and make any edits.
  3. Click Duplicate to make an exact copy of the RSS Feed you selected.
  4. Click Delete to remove the RSS Feed.

At any time you can Enable or Disable an RSS Feed from posting using the Enabled toggle. 

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