Twitter Competitors Report

The Twitter Competitors Report lets you track and compare the performance of other Twitter profiles against your own. Additionally, you can benchmark your efforts against the average of the profiles being compared.


To generate a report take the following steps.

  1. Open the dropdown on the top bar and click Add Competitor, or select an already connected profile from the list below the search bar. 
  2. Choose the date range from the Filter Date dropdown. You can select a preset time length or set a custom date range using the calendar. 
  3. As needed, click the Export dropdown to generate PDF or CSV versions of the report data.
  4. You can delete competitors by clicking Edit Competitors from the top bar dropdown and then clicking Trash_.png next to any profile you no longer want in the list. 

Note: There is a limit of 20 competitors per group for this report.

When you add a Twitter Profile as a competitor, we start tracking that profile for changes in activities like follower growth and mentions. Once we have enough data to generate metrics, you will see them appear in the report. We then store this information indefinitely, so in the future, you can analyze trends over time.


As with all Sprout competitor reports, the charts in the Twitter Competitors Report are interactive. You can hover over a chart to see a tabular view of the data over time. 


To learn more, click About this Report to open a glossary that defines all of the terms used in this report.


Twitter Competitors Report FAQs

Will I have to select my owned profile and competitor profile in the Twitter Competitors Report?
Yes. Upon your first visit, one of your owned profiles will be selected and a competitor profile will not be selected. You will have to select your preferred owned profile and competitor profiles to see comparison data.

Will the Twitter Competitors Report keep my historical data?
Yes. You will not lose any historical data.

After connecting a net-new Twitter profile (owned or public), how long will it take to backfill the data?
It takes about 24 hours to backfill Twitter profile data.

When referring to mentions, are we referring to a direct @mentions or when a username includes @username in the reply?
Sprout reports on the direct @mentions.

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