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See how you stack up against the competition with the Twitter Comparison Report. 

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1. Click the dropdown and +New Report to add a new report. Or, select an already existing comparison report from the dropdown.

2. Choose the date range for the report.

3. Export the comparison report data in PDF or CSV format.

4. Evaluate your engagement and influence scores to quickly gauge how well you're interacting with your audience compared to the competition.

Engagement: Your engagement score indicates how well you are communicating with your audience. We use an algorithm measuring the number of @replies or @mentions you've sent in relation to status updates (basically a percentage of @replies out of all of your sent tweets). This helps to see the conversation you are having with your Twitter followers.

Influence: This score indicates your growth and interest level among your audience. Influence score takes into account metrics such as follower count, mention count, and other components to arrive at total influence.

5. Followers Gained: View gained and total Follower counts for each Twitter handle over the selected time period for the report.

6. Mentions: View mentions for each Twitter handle over the selected time period for the report.

7. Delete: the current comparison report.

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