How do I use Adobe Experience Manager assets in my posts?

With Sprout’s integration with Adobe Experience Manager, you can add your creative assets from AEM directly into your posts from Compose. 

REQUIRED Prerequisites

Before you get started adding images and videos, you MUST complete the following prerequisites:

Contact Adobe Support

You must open a support ticket with Adobe asking them to Enable Microfrontend Asset Picker. Within the support ticket you open, request that the following domains are added to the allowlist:

Adobe will work with you to generate the following details that are required to enable the integration in Sprout:

  • imsClientID
  • ims0rg

Contact Sprout Support

Send a support ticket to Sprout support with the following information:

  • The imsClientID and ims0rg details
  • A message including Adobe Experience Manager Asset Selector OR AEM Asset Selector

Once you provide those details to Sprout Support and receive verification from them, you can use the integration in Compose.

How do I add media from AEM in Compose?

First, complete the REQUIRED prerequisites above. Then to add media from AEM:

  1. Open Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.04.47_AM.png Compose.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2023-03-27_at_11.11.42_AM.pngUpload Media.
  3. Click Adobe Experience Manager. The AEM popup appears.
  4. Sign in with your AEM credentials. The authentication is completed and automatically reloads Compose for you. After you complete authentication, your browser will remember your credentials and you won't need to complete this process again.
  5. Click Screen_Shot_2023-03-27_at_11.11.42_AM.pngUpload Media again.
  6. Click Adobe Experience Manager again. The Select Assets popup appears.
  7. Choose the assets you want to use in your post.
  8. Click Export. The asset is uploaded to your post. 


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