How do I revoke access to Sprout on my native networks?

If you no longer need to manage one of your social profiles with Sprout, it's a best practice to also revoke Sprout's access to that account after you disconnect it. This ensures that once the profile is disconnected, your data from that profile won't continue to migrate into Sprout.

It's important to note that if you revoke access from Sprout natively, but don't disconnect the profile from Sprout, revoking access disconnects the profile from Sprout. For most all networks, accessing your settings or connected apps is where you'll revoke access.


To revoke access from X (formerly known as Twitter), navigate to your connected apps, select Sprout Social and click Revoke app permissions.

To revoke access from Facebook, access your business tools from your personal profile and click Remove next to Sprout Social.

To revoke access from Instagram, navigate to Manage access and click Remove next to Sprout Social.

To revoke access from LinkedIn, navigate to your third party application settings and click Remove next to Sprout Social.

To revoke access from Pinterest, navigate to your app settings and click Revoke Access next to Sprout Social.

To revoke access from YouTube or Google My Business, navigate to your permissions, select Sprout Social and then click Remove Access.

To revoke access from TikTok, note that this can only be done via mobile device. From the TikTok app, navigate to Settings and privacy > Security and login > Manage app permissions. Tap Sprout Social and then tap Remove access.



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