How do I use Queries by AI Assist?

Queries by AI Assist uses Sprout Social's integration with OpenAI to generate keyword suggestions for Listening queries. Learn how to set up Listening queries in this article.

You need to enable the OpenAI integration to use this feature. To enable the integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings.
  2. Select Enable OpenAI Integration.


To use Queries by AI Assist:

  1. Navigate to Listening.
  2. Select a Listening template. You can also edit an existing Topic.
  3. Enter your Topic title and description and select your sources.
  4. Enter a keyword you want to include in the Included keywords box. Suggested keywords appear.
  5. Select a keyword to add it to your query.

Queries by AI Assist is also available in Listening Themes. To use Queries by AI Assist for Themes in your Listening Query:

  1. Navigate to the Theme section in the Query Builder.
  2. Click Add New Theme.
  3. Enter your Theme name.
  4. Click the Enter keywords here field. Queries by AI Assist automatically generates up to 5 keywords based on the Theme title. If you enter keywords, Queries by AI Assist suggests additional words or phrases.
  5. Click a suggested keyword to add it to your Theme.


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