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Sprout Social has released hundreds of features over the years and in order to continue innovating and developing the functionality our customers want, and deserve, we made a change to the plans and pricing

So far in 2023, we’ve already seen more than 85 feature updates and releases with some notable callouts including:

You can find all of our latest feature releases and updates here

We’re grateful for your trust in Sprout as a partner and are committed to continue delivering outsized value, innovation and enhancements to you and all our 30,000+ customers around the world. 

Sprout is continuing to honor legacy plans and pricing for annual subscriptions only. All monthly subscriptions are subject to Sprout’s modern plans and pricing

You can take one of two options:

Option 1: remain on a month-to-month subscription and move to Sprout’s modern plans and pricing.

Option 2: lock in your legacy plan with a modest price increase when you move to an annual subscription, which you can pay either monthly or annually upfront.  

Do I gain new features with the price increase?

You will receive all of Sprout's new features and updates at a price that's reflective of the value provided by the Sprout product.

What's the difference between my legacy and the modern plans?

The main difference is the profile allotment. The modern Professional and Advanced plans include unlimited social profiles, whereas all legacy plans have a capped profile allotment and each additional profile incurs a cost.

Can I move to a different plan?

Yes, you can move to any of the plans that make the most sense for you and your team. Connect with a Customer Success manager to change plans.

Can I make changes to my payment method?

Yes. Work with a Customer Success manager to make any adjustments to your payment method. Sprout accepts ACH, check or wire for upfront annual subscriptions only. All other payments are only accepted via credit card in the Sprout app.

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