How do I use the Google Analytics GA4 Report?

After you connect a GA4 property to Sprout Social, you get a curated report in the Cross-Network reporting section, Google Analytics 4.

With this report, you can chart the number of clicks to your website (sessions) over time. You can also see the breakout of web traffic by source. This data comes from Google Analytics and is driven off of UTM parameters in links. 


GA4 Report FAQs

How can I view my Twitter data like the Google Analytics UA Report?

These details aren't included in the GA4 Report due to limitations from Twitter. It's important to note that the Twitter data that appears in the UA Report comes from Twitter directly, not Google Analytics.

Can I see traffic from other mediums besides social in this report?

No. This report only collects data and sessions where utm_medium includes "social." Traffic from other mediums won't appear in this report.

Will my GA4 data be backfilled?

Yes. Sprout backfills 1 year of data with a maximum of 10,000 data entries into Sprout. Google Analytics doesn't do any backfills on newly created GA4 properties, so shorter history in Sprout will exist if Google hasn't collected data further back on a newly created GA4 property.

How long will the Universal Analytics Report be available?

Sprout will keep the UA Report available through end of year reporting for 2023. Sprout understands that you might rely on a combination of Universal Analytics and GA4 properties for year-end reporting.

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