Pinterest OAuth Updates - July 2023

Throughout 2022, Pinterest has added features to their Pinterest API v5 and are sunsetting API v3 and v4. V5 ensures the latest and greatest features are available to Pinterest users.

As Sprout Social prepares for these changes and to unlock more feature functionality for you, it is critical that you reauthorize any connected Pinterest profiles in Sprout to avoid losing any data before July 12, 2023

If you don't reauthorize your profiles by July 12, 2023 your Sprout account will have the following impacts:

  • Any Pinterest profiles that weren't reauthorized will disconnect
  • Gaps will appear in your Pinterest reporting data for the time your profile is disconnected
  • Any scheduled Pinterest Pins will fail

To reauthorize your Pinterest profiles in Sprout, either use the following directions or follow the in-app popup messages to complete the reauthorization:

    1. Click Triangle.png in the right-side panel.
    2. Click Issues
    3. Click Learn More on the notification informing you that your profile is disconnected or will disconnect in a certain number of days.Screenshot_2020-09-08_at_10.10.34.png
    4. Click Reauthorize to go to the network where the profile is disconnected. You might need to enter your login details. After that, you are redirected back to Sprout and the notification disappears. 

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