Native vs. Sprout metrics

At times you may notice a difference in native network reporting metrics vs. metrics in Sprout Social. This chart shows the Sprout Report, native report and any expected differences.

Network Sprout Report Native network report Differences
fb-icon.png Facebook Pages Report & Profile Performance Report for Facebook Facebook Insights Report
  • Pages on the New Page Experience (NPE) won’t see organic vs. paid breakdowns for Audience, Engagements and Impressions in the Facebook Insights Report.
  • Sprout Reports track Fans/Likes, while NPE Pages only show Followers.
fb-icon.png Post Performance Report for Facebook Facebook Insights Report

NPE reporting in the Facebook Insights Report counts all Reactions as Likes. Sprout's Post Performance Report counts Likes and all other Reactions (Haha, Wow, etc.) in the Reactions metric.

fb-icon.png Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance (Campaigns tab) Facebook Ads Manager Export

Web Conversions in Sprout and Web Purchases in Ads Manager are calculated differently. You may see more Web Conversions in Sprout because the metric is calculated as the total number of events or conversions driven by campaigns.

ig-icon.png Post Performance Report for Instagram Facebook Insights Report (Instagram tab)

Facebook Insights Report shows Instagram Reels Plays and Impressions that include shares as a Facebook Reel. Sprout Reports only show Video Views and Impressions from Instagram.

twitter-icon.png Profile Performance Report for Twitter Twitter Analytics

Sprout can’t access video views data for videos shared multiple times from the Twitter Media Studio.

linkedin-icon.png Profile Performance Report for LinkedIn and LinkedIn Pages Report LinkedIn Content Report
  • Sprout Reports can only pull in organic data.
  • Shares data in Sprout reporting are equivalent to Reposts data in the LinkedIn Content Report.
  • Sprout’s Engagement Rate is calculated differently from LinkedIn’s Average Engagement Rate. You may see different values.
linkedin-icon.png LinkedIn Pages Report (Followers metric) LinkedIn Followers Report

The LinkedIn Followers Report doesn’t include Followers Lost.

TikTok-icon-glyph.png Profile Performance for TikTok and TikTok Profiles Report TikTok Overview Report

In the TikTok Overview Report, profile-level export includes Video views, Profile views, Likes, Comments and Shares. Follower data can be downloaded from the Followers tab but is only available for the past 7 days. Exports in Sprout Reports backfill net audience growth for up to 60 days but don't include follower count.

TikTok-icon-glyph.png Post Performance Report for TikTok TikTok Content Report

Export in the TikTok Content Report is limited to the last 7 days. The Post Performance Report export for TikTok in Sprout includes backfills for video metrics from the past 365 days up to 500 videos.

Engagement calculations

Sprout calculates Engagement based on all the Reactions + Comments + Shares + Post Link Clicks + Other Post Clicks that occur on the page. A user can create multiple Engagements (e.g. if they click and share a post) so Engagements may be higher than the number of Engaged Users in your Reports.

For more information about organic and paid data in Sprout’s Reports, read this Help Center article.

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