Network API limitations

Due to API limitations, certain features and functionality may not be available in Sprout Social. This article details limitations on the data each network allows third-party tools like Sprout to send and receive.

Select a network to see API limitations:


Network restrictions for Facebook include:

  • Displaying images from Facebook reviews
  • Pulling in comments from Facebook Events into the Smart Inbox
  • Monitoring and engaging with Facebook check-ins in the Smart Inbox
  • Seeing posts from other Business Pages that your Business Page has liked
  • Getting a notification when you have a new Follower
  • Sending a private message from a personal Facebook account
  • Using reactions other than Likes from the Smart Inbox
  • Replying to a private message more than 7 days old
  • Publishing a post with a background color or image
  • Publishing a post that includes feeling/activity options


Network restrictions for LinkedIn include:

  • Mentioning personal profiles of users who don't follow your Page
  • Resharing posts
  • Getting metrics for videos posted to personal profiles
  • Capturing thumbnails for LinkedIn document or carousel posts in the Post Performance Report


Network restrictions for Instagram include:

  • Liking Instagram comments or posts
  • Seeing recent new followers
  • Messaging recent new followers
  • Following/unfollowing accounts
  • Blocking accounts
  • Seeing mentions on Instagram Stories and Ad Comments
  • Hiding comments on Ads
  • Commenting on photo tags
  • Adding swipe-up links to Stories
  • Posting ALT text
  • Adding post sponsors
  • Publishing more than 25 posts per day
  • Including closed captioning on Reels


Network restrictions for TikTok include:

  • Seeing user avatar images for profiles not connected to Sprout
  • Receiving direct messages in the Smart Inbox
  • Adding music, audio, gifs or text overlay through Sprout
  • Adding voiceovers or stitching videos
  • Including more than 150 characters in a video description
  • Tagging products
  • Listening in TikTok
  • Getting audience gained/lost metrics in the Profile Performance Report
  • Separating organic and paid video metrics


Network restrictions for Twitter include:

  • Receiving a message in the Smart Inbox when a user tags your profile in a photo or video
  • Pinning/unpinning Tweets
  • Creating Twitter polls
  • Tagging users in images
  • Pulling in metrics from Twitter Live broadcasts
  • Getting hashtag usage metrics


Network restrictions for YouTube include:

  • Liking/unliking comments
  • Adding info cards
  • Adding end screens
  • Creating Community posts

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