How do I set up an Apple App Store integration?


You can manage your Apple App Store reviews from the Reviews feed. To set up this integration, your App Store Connect administrator will need to generate an API key in App Store Connect and upload the key to Sprout.

This article includes the following sections:

App Store Connect setup

To generate the API key:

  1. Log into App Store Connect.
  2. Navigate to Users and Access.
  3. Navigate to the Keys tab.
  4. Click the Screen_Shot_2023-04-19_at_11.37.21_AM.pngplus icon to add a key.
  5. Enter a name for the key. Sprout recommends choosing a descriptive name like "Sprout Social Integration."
  6. Open the dropdown menu under Access and select Admin. Admin permission is required to enable replying to reviews in Sprout.
  7. Click Generate. A new API key appears in the Active table.
  8. Click Download API Key.

Note: You can only download an API key once.

Sprout setup

Once you’ve downloaded the API key from App Store Connect, you can upload the key in Sprout. You’ll need the downloaded API key as well as the Issuer ID and the Key ID from the Keys tab in App Store Connect.

To complete the App Store integration in Sprout:

  1. Log into Sprout.
  2. Navigate to image4.png Connect a Profile on the right side menu.
  3. Click Connect on Apple App Store.
  4. Paste the Issuer ID and the Key ID. You can find these IDs in App Store Connect by navigating to Users and Access Keys.
  5. Upload the .P8 API key you downloaded in step 8.


Can I see the Helpful/Not Helpful count on reviews?
No, not at this time.

Can I see metadata like device, app version, etc.?
You can see country information but no additional metadata at this time.

Can I edit replies to reviews from Sprout?
No, not at this time.

Why can't I see my reply?
Replies enter a pending state for up to 24 hours before they are posted publicly. As a result, it may take some time for replies posted from Sprout to populate in the public App Store. Reviews will show a “pending” state in the App Store Connect review management section.

Is there a backfill of reviews upon connection?
For each app connected to Sprout, Sprout will pull in all reviews within 1 year prior to the connection date, up to the 500 most recent reviews.


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