Troubleshooting Flow with Sprout Social Data Events

If you’ve customized the Inbound Sprout Social Data Flow, you may run into errors. To debug the errors, you’ll need to capture Sprout Social Data Events so you can run them through your customized Flow using Flow Builder's debug tool.

To debug your customized Flow:

  1. From your Flow that processes the Sprout data, select the Delete_Sprout_Data_Event elements.
  2. Select Delete Elements.
  3. Click Save As in the top right corner to save as a new flow for debugging.
  4. Make sure all other Sprout flows are deactivated and then click Activate on the debug flow.
  5. Send a message from Sprout to Salesforce via Macro or Automated Rule. This action creates a Sprout Social Data Event, Social Post, Social Persona, Contact and Case.
  6. Click Debug in the top right corner of the screen from the debug flow you built in step 2.
  7. Under Triggering Record, select a Sprout Social Data Event from the dropdown.
  8. Click Run.
  9. Check the Debug Details for outputs and errors with specific parts of the flow.


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