Pinterest and Sprout overview

Sprout's Pinterest connection gives you the tools you need to publish and measure your performance. Increase your brand awareness and manage your social presence alongside other networks with Sprout.


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I'm ready to get started. Head to the Help Center.

Ready to connect your Pinterest profile? Read our how-to guide.

I want to learn how to use Pinterest in my social strategy. Visit the Learning Portal.

Sprout's Learning Portal offers on-demand courses to help you develop your social strategy.

I want to learn about best practices for using Pinterest. Check out the Insights blog.


Sprout's Insights blog provides case studies and research on best practices in social. Learn more in these posts:

I want to connect with other social media professionals. Visit the Sprout Arboretum.

Chat about strategy, discover how-tos and share big-picture ideas.


Meet other social media managers in Sprout's Arboretum.

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