How do I create a LinkedIn post for a Company Page in Sprout?

You can use Sprout to post to your LinkedIn Company Page.

Creating a post

To create a post:


  1. Navigate to Compose.
  2. Select your LinkedIn Company Page from the profile picker.
  3. Enter any text you want to include in your post. 
  4. Add media for the post:
    • Use the Asset Library to add approved images, videos and text assets to stay on brand
  5. (Optional) ClickScreen_Shot_2019-12-30_at_2.37.14_PM.png to select any audience targeting options. You can learn more about audience targeting in this guide.
  6. (Optional) Toggle This is a Draft on if you're creating a Draft post.
  7. If you’re publishing an image or a  video, you can customize your post with alt tags for your images, an SRT file for video subtitles and a custom video thumbnail.
    • To add alt text to an image or multiple images, click the Screen_Shot_2023-04-03_at_11.15.08_AM.png edit icon and select Add Descriptive Text. If you’re adding alt text to multiple images, click the arrows to move between images.
    • To upload an SRT file for your video, click Add a subtitle file.
    • To select a thumbnail for your video, click the arrows to choose your desired frame. To upload your own image to use as a thumbnail, click the Screen_Shot_2023-04-03_at_11.15.08_AM.png edit icon and select Upload thumbnail.
  8. Apply any relevant publishing workflows.
    • Use the Approval Workflow dropdown to select who needs to approve your post content.
  9. Choose your Sprout Tags (for Professional and Advanced plans):
    • (Optional) - Enter the name of any applicable labels.
    • (Optional) - Enter the name of any campaigns the post is a part of.
  10. Choose when to post:
    • Select Immediately, Auto schedule with Sprout Queue or Specific Days & Times
  11. Click Submit or Send

Mentioning LinkedIn personal profiles

You can mention LinkedIn personal profiles if they follow your Page. If you don't see the profile you want to mention, there are a few possible reasons:

  • You've selected more than one Company Page in the profile picker. You can only tag personal profiles if you've selected one Company Page.
  • The profile you want to tag has privacy settings enabled.
  • The profile you want to tag has mentions disabled.
  • The profile you want to tag does not follow the Company Page you selected in the profile picker.
  • You typed fewer than six characters if the @mention includes a special character (e.g. question marks, periods, etc.)
  • The member profile is spelled incorrectly.
  • You have more than one space in the search keyword.
  • The search keyword(s) has more than one space.
  • The member profile has a block on the viewer.
  • The member profile is missing their first name, last name and headline.
  • The member has a maiden name or additional name that is matching the API but those names are not public.
  • The member's profile is not in an English/US based character set.

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