How do I set up configurable Engagements?

If you’re a Premium Analytics user, you can define which metrics you want to include in your definition of Engagements. 

Note: You must be an Account Owner or have Admin permissions to set up configurable Engagements.

To set up your configuration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Features > Engagement Configuration.
  2. [Account Owners only] Determine if the configuration should be set across all groups or only for the single selected group. Select Limited to each individual Group or Shared across all Groups.
  3. Select which metrics you want to include in your Engagement definition. You can hover over each metric for a definition. Note that these configurations will change the Engagement value throughout Sprout. Paid Engagements, Public Engagements, the Engagement widget and Benchmarks will not be affected.

When you navigate to Reporting or refresh a Reporting link, your updated configuration will appear in the Engagement and Engagement Rate.

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