Introduction to Listening

Sprout Social’s Listening toolset is a powerful complement to Sprout’s extensive social monitoring features, helping you get a comprehensive view of topics, hashtags, brands, industries and multimedia content to analyze sentiment and uncover trends on Twitter.
Listening helps you observe trends, uncover patterns and gauge emotional response around any of these topics, whereas you might use monitoring tools, such as the Smart Inbox, to monitor for and engage with conversations happening specifically about your brand.
The Listening toolset has two main components: the Query Builder, which helps you build Listeners, and Listener Insights, where you go to understand the data behind the queries you’ve created. 
The articles in this guide will help you learn everything you need to know to get up and running with Listening in Sprout, so you can discover and execute campaigns, get inspiration for new content and track brand health.

Getting Started with Listening


Listening is an add-on feature for Corporate and Enterprise plans. Accounts on these plan levels can choose to include Listening by speaking with an Account Manager.

Visit our Plan Details page for more information on pricing for Listening

Note: A Listener is Sprout’s name for a query you build in the Listening section. These searches constantly run and gather information while they are Active.
Once Listening is enabled on your account, you can determine who has access to the Listening tab in Users & Social Profiles
Listening will be a checkbox available in the Choose Features dropdown.
Any user with the Listening feature enabled will be able to see the Listening tab in the navigation bar. They will be able to view active and archived Listeners Insights.
Note: The Listening tab replaces Discovery.
Additionally, any user with Listening enabled and who has Manage profiles & permissions receives the following abilities:
  • Create, edit, delete and archive Listeners
  • Control visibility of Listening for other users

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