Scheduling and Sending Report PDFs

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Sprout's reports can be easily exported to PDF to presentation-ready files to share with your stakeholders. Additionally, PDFs can be sent to specific email addresses right from the platform, even if that email address is not associated with a Sprout Social account.

Send PDF

If you have either the Advanced or Professional plan you can send a PDF to up to 25 recipients at a time. This is a one-time export sent directly to the specified emails.

To send a PDF, click the Share button in the upper-right corner of a report and select Send PDF.


Then, enter up to 25 email addresses.


The PDF will be automatically sent to the recipients based on the data and date range you've chosen to include.

Schedule PDF

Only Advanced Plan users can schedule recurring PDF deliveries for reports. Reports can be scheduled to deliver on a weekly or monthly basis.

To schedule the delivery of a PDF, click Share in the upper-right corner of a report and select Schedule PDF delivery.


On the following screen, enter the recipients' email addresses and choose whether or not to enable the option to Send a copy to myself.

Then choose how frequently the PDFs will be delivered, either Weekly or Monthly.

Finally, choose an Export Name to quickly identify it in the Manage Scheduled Delivery screen.


After you click Schedule, the PDF report will be delivered to the recipients based on the frequency you chose.

Recipients can be edited at any time via the Manage Scheduled Delivery screen. If a specific report schedule is no longer needed, it's also possible to delete the scheduled delivery from this screen.

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