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The Twitter Feedback Report aggregates all customer satisfaction ratings collected via Twitter Feedback survey responses. Use it to gain visibility into each response as well as aggregate, trend and agent-level insights.

This report is only available on the Advanced plan.

Before this report can display data, you must enable and configure Twitter Feedback for your Twitter profile(s). You can do this in this by clicking the gear menu and selecting Customer Care SettingsOnce configured, you and your team members can begin sending feedback requests to Twitter users with whom you’ve conversed right from the reply window. Any responses to your feedback requests will show up in this report. 

Configuring the Report

In the upper-left corner, click the dropdown menu to select the Twitter profile(s) to include in this report.
In the upper-right corner, select date ranges and export options using the corresponding dropdown menus.


Reading This Report

Twitter Feedback is broken down into four main sections. The Feedback Activity overview and Feedback Results sections at the top, which provide a high level overview of your feedback requests and aggregate scores across the selected date range and profiles. 

Feedback By Team Member in the middle, so you can evaluate individual performance of each team member.

Finally, individual customer's responses appear in the Feedback Responses Section. If they include a comment with their rating, you will see the comment as well.Screen_Shot_2017-03-30_at_2.01.44_PM.png

Using all of this information together will help you gauge how your brand is perceived by your customers, as well as the types of experiences each individual team member is providing.

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