URL Metadata

URL Metadata provides additional information about that site that's embedded into a website's code. In Sprout Social you can to preview and edit metadata fields that populate in the Compose window after you type in a URL.

Sprout then gathers metadata from the linked website. It is important to note that not all website metadata is programmed the same, and some links won't populate all metadata fields.

Editing Metadata in Sprout Social

In Sprout, metadata consists of a link’s thumbnail(s), title, URL and description. If you include any Facebook or LinkedIn pages in the Profile Picker, a metadata preview loads beneath Compose after you type the URL.

Note: The metadata preview is displayed whether a link is shortened or not.

To edit metadata, click Edit.png in the preview panel. Any changes made get reflected in the link preview once published to the native network.

Note: Only LinkedIn and Facebook support metadata editing. Facebook only supports edits made to links if you are the verified owner of the page. Read more about Facebook link ownership.



Thumbnail previews are automatically generated when available. Click the arrows to cycle through the images in the carousel.

If you want to attach a different image, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail preview. Then, upload an image from your hard drive, attach from the Asset Library, add from a URL or remove the thumbnail altogether.


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