How do I build a Campaign Analysis Listening strategy?

This feature is only available for Social Listening customers.

With Sprout’s Listening tools, you can track and measure the performance and impact of your marketing campaigns. Use Listening to uncover perceptions of your brand’s campaigns and discover who’s driving those conversations.

Before you create a Campaign Analysis Listening strategy, it’s useful to understand how to build a Listening query. 

This article highlights some best practices for using the Campaign Analysis Listening Template to build a social listening strategy.

Creating a Campaign Analysis topic

To create a Campaign Analysis topic, navigate to Listening Templates > Campaign Analysis.


As you’re setting up the template, we have a few recommendations for the best results.

  • Set up your Listening topic with any campaign hashtags before you launch your campaign. You’ll be able to monitor conversations in a more timely manner and make any campaign adjustments needed.
  • Add your brand as a keyword along with keywords around your campaign to track conversations around both your brand and your campaign.

Adding keywords

Add keywords to your query to start tracking reactions to your campaign. In this example, we’ve added our company name and campaign hashtag.


You might have more than one campaign hashtag, especially if you have a localized campaign. You can track these hashtags together to ensure you’re capturing global conversations.


Listening Insights

Once you’ve created your topic, you can use Listening Insights to start analyzing your campaign.

Performance tab

The Performance tab gives you an overview of the message volume, engagement, sentiment and more. These metrics can help you decide what to analyze next.


Conversation tab

The Conversation tab shows you more metrics about the conversations in your topic. In our example, we used the Conversation Overview to quickly track the volume and engagement around our keywords.


Demographics tab

The Demographics tab provides detail around who’s engaging in conversations around your campaign. You can use the Profile Overview to identify the top accounts in your Topic. These insights can help inform future partnerships with brands, influencers and more.


Messages tab

The Messages tab shows you what top influencers are saying about your campaign. You can find user-generated content that engages with your campaign.




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