How do I respond to X messages in the Smart Inbox?

You can use the Filter menu in the Smart Inbox to view all of your X messages. Use the Sources dropdown to select the profiles you'd like to view messages for. Use the Message Types dropdown to select which kinds of messages you'd like to see.



To respond to a X message:

  1. Click arrow.jpegon the message you'd like to reply to. The reply screen opens.
  2. Select which profile your response will come from.

If the user you’re interacting with has open Direct Messages or you have a Direct Message history with the user, you can switch to Direct Message to respond.

Note: If the user you are interacting with doesn’t have open direct messages and/or you do not have a Direct Message history with the user, you may add a DM Link to your reply so that they may take the interaction from public to private. 

If your conversation moves to Direct Messages, you can facilitate real-time chat with a user within the reply window. Once the conversation is complete, you can mark all received Direct Messages complete to remove them from the Smart Inbox.


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