How do I build an Industry Insights Listening strategy?

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Closely monitor fast-changing conversations in your industry with Listening. With these insights, you can better respond to emerging trends and new business opportunities.

Before you create an Industry Insights Listening strategy, it’s useful to understand how to build a Listening query.

This article highlights some best practices for using the Industry Insights Listening Template to build a social listening strategy.

Industry Insights Listening Template

You can use Sprout’s Industry Insights Listening Template to set up and refine your Listening topics. To set up the Template, navigate to Listening > Industry Insights.


As you’re setting up the Template, we recommend following a few tips for optimal results.

  • It’s useful to start with some terms that are commonly used in your industry. You can add these as hashtags and keywords to capture as much context as possible.
  • You may discover that certain terms aren’t relevant to your industry. You can exclude them from your topic to reduce Listening noise.

Grouping keywords

You can group keywords to better refine your search. For example, if you want to learn more about perceptions of the higher education industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, you could group keywords to ensure you’re getting specific insights.


These groupings will return results that include mentions of Covid-19 and higher education.

Other filters

If you find specific keywords that aren’t relevant to your topic, you can exclude them for more applicable results.


While you can filter by location, some customers find that the Twitter location filters are too restrictive for their queries since many Twitter users do not include geolocation in their profiles or tweets.


As an alternative, you can add countries, cities or other locations as a search term in your queries if you’re looking for mentions of a specific place.


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