How do I reshare LinkedIn stories to Employee Advocacy from Sprout?

You can reshare LinkedIn stories to Employee Advocacy from the Sprout app in Compose. To reshare a story from Sprout:

Note: You’ll need to have your Employee Advocacy account connected to your Sprout Social account and Send to Advocacy will need to be enabled. Contact Support if you need assistance connecting your accounts.

  1. Navigate to Compose Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.04.47_AM.png.

    Note: The ability to post is tied to Sprout permissions, not permissions in Employee Advocacy.

  2. Select your LinkedIn profile from the profile picker. You can only post from a single LinkedIn profile.
  3. Compose your post.
  4. Select a single date and time to post. You can only select a single date and time to send LinkedIn posts to Employee Advocacy, not multiple dates or times.
  5. Click Create Advocacy Story.Screen_Shot_2022-09-20_at_11.54.02_AM.png
  6. Fill out the Advocacy fields with your desired information.PI_Publishing_Compose_LinkedIn_Network_Preview_Send_to_Employee_Advocacy_Post_with_Modal.png

    Note: Any fields that are required in Employee Advocacy (e.g. Advocacy Topics) are also required here.

  7. Select your Post Date. If you select When published to network, Sprout will create an active reshare LinkedIn Employee Advocacy post. If you select On future date, Sprout will create a draft Employee Advocacy post.

Once you enter your details and click Save, you’ll see a preview and summary of your post.


The reshared story will appear in Advocacy.


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