Salesforce Service Cloud FAQs

What can Sprout help me with when it comes to my Service Cloud implementation?
Sprout Support can help assist you with the following:

  • Out of the box implementation that uses Custom Objects
  • Flow Template Standard Object Installation IF you're a Social Studio customer

If your support request falls outside of these scenarios, as a best practice, contact your Salesforce Developer or Admin for assistance troubleshooting.

The iframe in Salesforce isn't rendering.
There's a few reasons why this could happen:

  • If you're in Incognito mode, the iframe won't work unless you allow cookie tracking in your browser.
  • Sprout doesn't support cross-network functionality. If a Salesforce Case is merged with another Case that contains messages from a different social network, the iframe reply won't work.

What's the recommended sizing for the iframe?
The recommended sizing is 1000px width by 660px height. The profile panel automatically loads in expanded view within the frame after 1000px width. If you prefer to have the profile panel loaded in collapsed view, set the width to 930px.

How will users know in Sprout if a Salesforce Case was created from a message?
Make sure you add a tag when creating Automatic Rules that indicates a message was sent to Salesforce. Check out this article for more information.

What if a profile sending a message is missing a name or handle?
If the raw data sent from Sprout lacks a name or handle information a Social Persona & Contact objects won't get created.

Are tags applied in Sprout sent to Salesforce too?
Due to technical limitations, you have to define both the tags you want to send to Salesforce AND the tags you want applied in Sprout. To send tags to Salesforce, you'll manually enter those tags in a comma-separated list within the Send to Salesforce action in the Automatic Rule you create to send messages to Salesforce. If you want to apply those tags in Sprout, add the Apply Tags rule action in the Automatic Rules builder.

How do I determine what messages come over to my Salesforce instance and when?
Messages are sent from the Automatic Rule created in Sprout. Messages are sent depending on the criteria you set in the Automatic Rule builder.

Are videos and images sent over to Salesforce as attachments in the same way they were with Social Studio?
No. Videos and images are available in the iframe. 

Can I use SSO with the iframe?

Can social messages get sent to Sales Cloud and then responded to in Service Cloud?
Yes, social messages are routed the same way in Sales Cloud as they are in Service Cloud.

Can I respond to social messages outside of the Case object?
Not currently.

Does the Sprout integration work with omni-channel routing?
The Sprout Flow should integrate easily with Omni. Use the Sprout Flow and add an extra step to it to plug into your existing Omni routing.

If I don't have a Sprout license, what can I expect to see in Service Cloud?
If you've purchased a read-only license, you can see the Case Feed updates and the custom or native social post and Social Persona objects.

If I want to test the integration in a Sandbox environment before rolling out to Production, will I need to re-install the managed package?
You'll need to install the package in your Production org, but you can copy over any customizations you made in your Sandbox environment to the Production org.

If I enable All Messages to send to Salesforce for Case creation, will spam or troll messages get excluded?
No. If a message is picked up by an Automatic Rule that hides spam or troll messages AND a rule that sends to Salesforce, both actions happen. So the spam or troll message would get hidden in the Sprout Smart Inbox, but a Case would also get created in Salesforce.

How do I make sure that subsequent messages from the profile are sent to Salesforce?
Once a message is sent to Salesforce, Sprout automatically sends any subsequent responses received from the profile within 5 days of the last message. If a new message from the profile is received outside of the 5 days then it will not be sent unless it is picked up by an Automated Rule or sent manually.

Does collision detection work when replying from the iframe in Salesforce?
No, collision detection is only available when replying to a message from within Sprout.

Why don't I see social post and case records created in Salesforce after triggering a Macro in Sprout?

Make sure that your organization does not have the session policy Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated enabled. This can cause intermittent failures in sending messages to Salesforce via Macro.

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