How do I troubleshoot my Salesforce Service Cloud integration?

Use this article to troubleshoot common issues you might encounter with the Salesforce integration.


My messages aren't appearing in my Salesforce instance. What do I do?

There are a few things to check to make sure your messages appear in Salesforce:

  • Check that the Salesforce Account is connected in Sprout by navigating to Settings > Integration Settings and verify that the Salesforce tile says Connected.

  • Check that the Send to Salesforce Automatic Rules you created have the Salesforce account selected within the rule.

    • To check: Open the rule > Scroll to the Send to Salesforce action > Select the connected Salesforce account.

      • If no Salesforce account is available, check your Integration Settings.

  • Check that the package is fully installed.

    • Verify that the flow template is activated by navigating in Salesforce to:

      • Setup > Quick Find > Flows > Inbound Sprout Social Data (If using standard objects - Inbound Sprout Social Data - Legacy)

    • Verify that the Apex class is invoked correctly, if applicable.

  • Disconnect, and then reconnect Salesforce in the Integration Settings.

    • Note that you won't lose any data when you disconnect. 

  • Confirm the Salesforce account is only connected to ONE Sprout account.

If all of the above are working properly, contact the Sprout Support team.

The iframe is showing no access for me or my users. What do I do?

If a user doesn't have access to a social profile in Sprout, they see an empty state in the iframe. Sprout recommends that all Service Cloud AND Sprout users are in a Group that contains all the brand profiles that send messages to Salesforce.

Check with your Sprout Admin for profile access and ensure Service Cloud users have Full Publishing access to the appropriate social profiles.

The iframe is continuously loading. What do I do?

Verify that the Group the Service Cloud user is in has the unowned profile is available in Sprout.

How can I reopen a Case after I close it?

By default, the Sprout flow template sets the window for case reopening to occur within five days of case closure. If a message is received outside of the five-day window, a new case gets created.

To change the number of days in Salesforce:

  1. Navigate to the Inbound Sprout Social Data flow template.
  2. Click MaxNumberofDaysforCaseReopening under Formulas.
  3. Change 5 to your preferred number of days in the modal.
  4. Click Done.

Messages aren't showing up in the Case feed. What do I do?

In Salesforce:

  1. From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box.
  2. Select Feed Tracking from the results.
  3. Ensure Enable Feed Tracking and All Related Objects are selected on the Case object.

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