How do I manage messages from my Facebook Groups?

Note: Due to an API limitation, Sprout only supports Facebook Group functionality for Groups that are already connected to Sprout at this time. Sprout doesn't support connecting new Facebook Groups.

Facebook Group considerations

  • When a Facebook user joins a customer's Facebook Group, they're prompted to accept the privacy terms and allow Sprout to access their information. The Facebook user allowing this is what enables Sprout to pull in their information into the Smart Inbox. If the Facebook user doesn't allow Sprout access, Sprout can pull in their message data, but the message isn't accompanied by the user's profile information.
  • When you post to your Facebook Group via Sprout, the attribution of the post shows as the last Sprout user who authenticated the Group.
  • When an audience member of your Group is engaging with the Group, by posting messages or comments, they need to grant access to the Sprout app. If access isn’t granted, the posts from the Group member appear in Sprout as coming from “Facebook User” and they remain anonymous. 


  • If a user likes your Facebook Page and is a member of your Facebook Group, they’ll have two separate profile cards in Sprout. Due to API limitations, there isn’t a way to combine these profile cards. 


How do I manage messages?

For any Facebook Group connected to Sprout, you'll see comments and posts appear in the Smart Inbox. Facebook Group posts from Sprout appear in the Smart Inbox with the author of the post indicated. Due to API limitations, you can't interact with posts, but you can click the timestamp to navigate to Facebook.


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