How do I post to my Facebook Groups?

After you connect your Facebook Groups to Sprout, you can start posting and scheduling content to appear in the group. You can add image, video and link posts and add locations or mention another Facebook Page in your post.

Note: Due to an API limitation, Sprout only supports Facebook Group functionality for Groups that are already connected to Sprout at this time. Sprout doesn't support connecting new Facebook Groups.

Publish to your Facebook Group directly from Compose, schedule content through the Publishing Calendar or through the Sprout Queue and draft posts to schedule later. 

Note: Audience Targeting and boosting aren’t supported for Facebook Groups.

To publish content to your Facebook Groups: 

  1. Click image9.png. The Compose window opens.
  2. Select the Facebook Groups you want to post to from the Profile Picker. 
  3. Craft your post with text, videos, links or a single image. 
  4. (Optional) Select any Publishing Workflows from the dropdown.
  5. (Optional) Select any Labels or Campaigns that apply to the post.
  6. Schedule a time to post your content, whether in the future or immediately.
  7. Click Schedule or Send.

Note: On Facebook, the post's author is the user who last authenticated your Group.

After you schedule and publish your content, you can manage it from the Publishing Calendar, Sprout Queue or the Drafts tab.

In the month view in the Publishing Calendar, Facebook Group posts are grouped and counted in their own category (outside of Facebook Profiles) so you can easily distinguish between the two post types. 


You can use the Filter Menu in the Publishing Calendar, Sprout Queue, Draft and Approval tabs to filter down to your Facebook Groups, so you can focus on those posts specifically.


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