How do I connect my Facebook Ad Account to Sprout?

You can connect Ad Accounts to Sprout and these profiles don't count against your profile limit.

Before you connect an Ad Account, make sure that you have Admin permissions to that Ad Account. If you're working in an agency, ensure the client or brand you're working with, grants your Facebook or other profile Admin permissions, so that you can connect the Ad Account to Sprout.

After you confirm you have Admin permissions to the Ad Account, use the following workflow and choose Ad Manager or Ad Account for the appropriate social profile. 

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Connect a ProfileThe Connect a Profile popup appears.
    step 1 .png
  2. Select the Sprout Group you want to add your Facebook Ad Account to from the In Group dropdown.
  3. Click Connect for Facebook.
    step 3.png
  4. Click Connect Ads.
    step 4.png
  5. Click Go to Facebook. Facebook opens, and you see a list of the Facebook Ad Accounts that you are an admin for.
  6. Follow the prompts in Facebook to complete the connection to Sprout.

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