How do I connect my Facebook Group to Sprout?

Currently, Sprout only supports Facebook Group functionality for Groups that are already connected to Sprout at this time. Sprout doesn't support connecting new Facebook Groups right now.

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Connect a ProfileThe Connect a Profile popup appears.
  2. Select the Sprout Group you want to add your Facebook Group to from the In Group dropdown.
  3. Click Connect for Facebook.
  4. Click Connect Group.
  5. Click Yes, all set after verifying you completed the prerequisites
  6. Click Go to Facebook. Facebook opens, and you see a list of the Facebook profiles that you are an admin for.
  7. Select the Page that’s linked to the Facebook Group you want to post to, and then click Next. You’re taken back to Sprout and your Group is now connected. and then you can select the Groups you want to connect.

Note: You can only connect a unique Facebook Group once for each Sprout group. Facebook Groups count toward your profile limit.

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