What do I need to know before connecting my Facebook Group?

Before you connect your Facebook Group to Sprout Social, there’s a few quick checks and prerequisites you should complete to ensure the connection process goes smoothly.

Note: Due to an API limitation, Sprout only supports Facebook Group functionality for Groups that are already connected to Sprout at this time. Sprout doesn't support connecting new Facebook Groups.


Use the following steps to determine everything is set up correctly for a quick connection process. Remember, only an admin for the Facebook Group and the attached Page can perform these prerequisites:

  1. Does your user profile have admin access to the Facebook Group?
  2. Did you add the Sprout Social app on Facebook to your Facebook Group?

Facebook Group Membership

In order to connect your Facebook Group to Sprout for publishing, verify that you're an admin of the Group. If you aren’t currently a member of the group, contact the Group admin to request a permission change. 

Sprout Social app on Facebook

Finally, in order to complete the connection, you must have the Sprout Social app installed to the Facebook Group you want to add. 

To add the Sprout Social app:

  1. Navigate to the Group on Facebook.
  2. Click Settings under the Admin tools for the Group.
  3. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section.
  4. Click Apps > Add Apps.
  5. Search for the Sprout Social app.
  6. Click Add.

After you complete the prerequisites and verified that everything is set up correctly, you can connect your Facebook Group to Sprout.

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