What are the differences between TikTok's Personal and Business accounts?

TIkTok offers two types of creator accounts: Personal and Business. 

  • Personal creator profiles can't connect to Sprout. These profiles have access to a library of unlicensed, trending sounds. But, there is a risk of litigation if you're a business using unlicensed music on TikTok.
  • Business profiles can connect to Sprout and have access to commercially licensed sounds. There's no risk of litigation if you're a business using this sound library.

What's the benefit of a Business profile?

In TikTok, a Business profile gives you access to an analytics tool, an email function and the ability to promote your site.

Learn more about the benefits here.

Why should I connect my Business profile to Sprout?

Connecting your TikTok Business profile to Sprout comes with some key benefits, including:

  • Access to your performance data. With custom TikTok reports and TikTok data appearing in Cross-Network Reports in Sprout, you can get the full picture of your performance. Sprout starts collecting data from the day you connect, plus the previous 60 days. You don't lose access to this data and compare custom date ranges over days, weeks, months and even years.
  • Easily plan and publish your TikTok videos. With Sprout's Campaign Planner, Compose feature and Publishing Calendar you can stay organized and quickly schedule your videos so you can focus on the strategic side of things. Use Optimal Send Times to get the most reach and take the guesswork out of determining when your audiences are most active.
  • Build better connections with your audiences. With the Smart Inbox, you can respond to incoming TikTok video comments quickly. You can connect with potential customers, have your social care teams handle customer requests and ultimately build better brand loyalty. 

Ready to get started? Connect your Business account to Sprout with this how-to.

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