How do I set up a Zapier account and connect Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy's content automation process increases efficiency by surfacing relevant news and announcements across trusted sources. You can use Zapier to pull in trusted content for better distribution.

Zapier is a web automation app where you can build Zaps to automate how different web services work together. You can use Zapier with Employee Advocacy to automate how stories flow in and out of your Employee Advocacy account. 

#SproutTip: Before you get started, it's helpful to make sure you understand the key concepts of Zapier. Check out this resource from Zapier to understand the concepts so you can start creating Zaps and using the integration.

How do I connect Zapier to Employee Advocacy?

You can create a free or paid Zapier account and connect it to Employee Advocacy using your Employee Advocacy API key. 

Note: Only an Employee Advocacy Administrator can create an API Key.

To retrieve your API key from Sprout:

  1. Log into your Employee Advocacy account.
  2. Navigate to Company Settings from the top bar. 
  3. Click Story Creation.
    Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 4.45.27 PM.png
  4. Click Show in the Configure Sources section if you’ve generated a key before. If not, click Generate Key.
  5. Click Copy. Now you can connect Employee Advocacy to Zapier.

You’ll complete the next steps in Zapier. To connect Employee Advocacy to Zapier:

  1. Log into your Zapier account.
  2. Click Add connection. The Add a new app connection popup appears.
  3. Enter Employee Advocacy into the popup.
  4. Click Employee Advocacy by Sprout Social from the list. A popup appears.
  5. Paste your API Key.
  6. Click Yes, Continue. Your Employee Advocacy account is now connected and you can start creating Zaps.

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